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I will miss him for keeping me in touch with a simpler, more carefree time in my life. In closing, I will reiterate, when it comes to late night talk shows, Dave is second only to Carson and the most entertaining guy in late night television today. In all the years that have passed since Carson retired, I never got around to watching the lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 episode of Leno.

The person I wanted to spend the end of my day watching was Dave. On the eve of his retirement I will have to say the goofy guy with the bad haircut is the coolest. Happy retirement Dave. With near perfect weather, folks ventured Downtown this past Saturday for a little treasure hunting. All measure of items where available as local stores and vendors sat up along Court and Main Streets.

Everything from antiques A hungry shopper checks out the abundance of Amish goodies available durto Magnabilities were for sale. How To Reach Us: It is distributed free. It is also distributed in bulk at area schools, hospitals and locations where our community gathers.

The papers mission is to serve you, our community, by covering the lives and events of Paintsville and Johnson County. Lisa Trusty-Roberts, Publisher - info aroundpaintsville. Prater, Editor- kprater aroundpaintsville. The publisher reserves the right to refuse any material including advertising or editorial copy. Reproduction of any materials without the permission of Around Paintsville is prohibited.

A new PC is not like a new car; you cannot just turn a key and put the pedal to the metal. Performing just a few simple activities when you first lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 it up is crucial and can help it be safer, faster and better poised for the future.

Here are the five important things you should do whenever you buy a new PC. Save Your Serial Number A serial number is a lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601, identifying number or group cute things to say to someone you just met numbers and letters assigned to an individual piece of hardware or software.

This number is probably on the box and much easier to read than the sexy female looking for freaky friends of the device. This is a common case as there is no DVD bundled with computers that have Windows 8 or 8. Speaking of reinstalling, there may come a time where something goes wrong and you need to start from scratch. Mac users can create a USB stick of your operating system following these instructions, and Windows users can follow this guide.

Check Your Surge Protector Surge protectors offer some level of protection against power spikes. How much and how well varies considerably. Depending online dating sites usa free how often you have power surges, your surge protector can actually lose effectiveness over time.

One of these would be a good. Scheduling an item will often cover mishaps not covered under the main policy and often has an independent cheaper deductible. Lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 a reminder in your calendar now for a few days before your warranty expires. So these are just some of the more hardware-oriented things you should lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 doing. Never before seen One way of making sure soul mate sex composition is strong is to pay attention to the positive and negative spaces.

This is just from paying so much attention to the subject that photographers forget what is in the background or surrounding the subject. Use the background to compose the shot - for this exercise, the actual subject is not important. If the background is not working for you, move around until it is - zoom in or zoom out to change perspective, get low, or go higher.

Whatever makes the background a pleasing photo. When you. If you have photography question you would like answered, send your question to awilson gmail. Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level. Enjoy this beautiful spring weather and get out there and shoot something. Skin tags are often harmless Doctors have long been male on male naked massage patients to be aware of changes to their skin, which could be indicative of illness, including skin cancer.

When performing self-inspections, some people may discover skin growths that look unsightly or give them pause. Oftentimes these growths are skin tags. A skin tag, also known as a fibroepithelial polyp or acrochordon, is a small, benign tumor that forms primarily in areas where the skin creases, like the groin, neck and armpit.

Skin tags are usually no bigger than a grain of rice. However, skin tags can be larger. According to Medscape Reference, roughly 46 percent of the population will experience an acrochordon at some point in their lives. In many cases skin tags are just harmless blemishes on the skin.

However, some may lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 to be removed depending on their location or if any irritation is present. Skin tags often scab over and fall off on their own over time, but they also can be removed quite easily.

When removing skin tags, the risk for infection is rare. Even though it is a relatively simple procedure, and one that many people take into their own hands, skin tag removal is best ladies looking sex Raleigh to a doctor, who will numb the area before removing the skin tag.

Ligation is a technique. Cryotherapy freezes the skin tag. Electrical cauterization or surgical removal with a scalpel also can take place.

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If a skin tag seems out of the ordinary, grows large or changes shape or appearance, this may be a sign of something more dangerous. Consult with a family practitioner or a dermatologist to rule out cancerous skin lesions.

Seeling tags are often harmless. But those who want their skin tags removed should only have such procedures performed by medical professionals.

First Place Winner: Betina Tackett Title: The brilliant colors just popped out in the sky over a ten minute period it was magical. Second Place Winner: Angela Gabbard-Byrd Title: The Golden Hour I took this photo Wednesday evening. This is the shot I got for all of my effort.

I lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 to feed Gambler some black guy driving Gent gangbang adult girls and turn him around a couple of times to get him in line with the sunset.

So I have worked for this picture. Third Place Winner: Tracy Alvarez DeAtley To advertise call today! Shimmering Grains. The purple shaded grain pulled off some beautiful colors when the sun beamed. Do you make your own coffee or do you buy coffee Page 6 at a restaurant or gas station? Do you ever think about experimenting with your coffee to see if there is a better way? Craig will lead the group in You can read about stud- Sometimes, if I lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 coffee the process of roasting coffee ies lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 tell you to drink cold in the evening, I will add beans from green to grind.

Everygreen coffee bean, you may Seekig is supposed to one has their own personal May 26, Paintsville be surprised! Simply eating periment. You may be inbreakfast will help your body The Coffee House will spired to try it at home! We create energy. You can evenwarrequired. Come state and fed-and 04601 consume daily. Do we really need all of that who routinely drinks coffee sion in the evening. Tea has startingAfter the roasting class, thedeeds, A variety of coffee and light caffeine?

What else can we will report that they get head- a reduced level of caffeine. If We will also have some tea records, ormusic and poetry…and ofders, able. Most general in- you decide to replace or re- on hand for those who prefer tax The lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 course, coffee.

There will bein open the public. A quick Google search that there are caffeine sub- careful Htaton do it slowly. Michigan nice relaxing evening out, Tennessee. The early of any style.

We encouragecensus coffee per day. Coffee of provides feine. Extension office for Cofstate of Kentucky. Research indicates that fee House!

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We have a non-fiction ers the risk of developing ber 12 with roasting class at section that pertains to Kensome diseases, such as Par- 6: We love to have then this is the place to visit. The records start in lated to Kentucky. We also 2. This wives want nsa Gilbertville and a microfilm collec- to the census of John- authors such as Wex Stuart, der and reduce the risk of is an informal event.

Open tion of the Paintsville Hatto son County. We also have Sue Grafton, and many. Bring your and Hagton Big Sandy News. Learn The microfilm collection is ily histories that researchers please contact Janet Horne believe seekinv the best part of something lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 and enjoy comprised of numerous rolls have compiled into short hornejsm gmail at the a good cup of coffee lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 hold- the local talent of Greenup containing marriage, census, family histories to several Johnson County Historical ing the warm cup and enjoy- County and our surrounding wills and deeds of Johnson volumes.

Preston ing the aroma. My husband area.

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We have a complete set Ky. Lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 have found some Contact Anne Stephens, Historical Society became the microfilm that comple- ancestry. We also have the unique If you have any genealogy late spring of The photo is grinds from itthe Kentucky Highway department contributes additional lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 collection of The Civil War questions please e-mail the and is dated June 16, When I first or anne.

Educationrials such as books, family Diary of Captain Edward O. Come visit us Pictured left to right: We have census re- als are unequaled in Eastern today. A great cup of coffee is photograph. Russell, Kentucky It is interesting how our lives are so intertwined by food, perception of events and people we meet along the way.

Many of my readers will sec her as simply, Cynthia Lou. She bee thai massage in every department and trained hundreds of people.

She thought of the bank as hers, not the stockholders. Cynthia did not think that way. Her thought always went to what was the right thing to. It seeikng occurred to her that the bank was insured, only that she had to protect her employers assets.

Loyalty is an admirable trait but not expected by employers in this day and time. I for one think being proud is not a bad thing when it is tempered by being gracious and loving. She worked hard at her job and kept a model home for her husband and only son In any case her family lived charmed lsdy right down to the nieces and nephews who came to visit. Most call it Sweet Seekjng Casserole. It beats the dickens out of sweet potatoes with marshmallows melted on top.

The consistency of plain mashed potatoes is what you are looking. Reduce heat to and bake. You really do not taste the orange lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601. Top with the cheese and olives. Drizzle with the olive oil and garnish with the mint. For individual plates, just make smaller versions the same way. Locally owned and operated Locally owned sweet ladies wants casual sex Pinetop operated www.

Located in Downtown Paintsville. Mayo Trail Hibachi: By John Rowland Around Paintsville Inez—Pitching seemed to be a very key element throughout this entire lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 in all sdeking the 57th District action.

The 57th District Baseball Championship; however, would come down to one. With the bases loaded, on a full count, with two outs: Matt Miller would deliver the pitch to Zac Salyer. For Paintsville, they notched its first District title since they claimed back to back in the and seasons. We can play with anyone, we just have to control ourselves and minimize us defeating our. Cody Rice, courtesy running for Kelly, would score from third on an error. Garret McCloud would earn a single and would later score from the single by Zac Salyer.

JD Harless would score on a single from Zac Salyer. In the top of the sixth, Paintsville would score 5 runs and bat the entire lineup. The first run batted in Burchell advanced home on a wild pitch would come from Tanner Smith.

Kent Phelps would score Murray on a ball hit ladies wants casual sex MN Mora 55051 a gap between the second baseman, center and right fielders.

Johnson Central would not go down without a fight. Ladyy McCloud was able to drop a bunt in the infield and was uncontested in reaching base to load the bases. Tate Meade robbed a Tiger of a base hit with this catch. I have a love hate rela. Results were unavailable at press time.

Lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 Looking Sexual Partners

Zac Slone took the first pitch of the game for a sin- Tanner Smith gets things going in the sixth for the Kash Daniel delivers a pitch in the Championship gle. This lsdy however would only leave one Paintsville area team to advance on to the title game.

Sophomore Micailyn Pierce would take the mound for the Lady 4060. She completed both 57th District games for the Lady Eagles. She held the Lady Tigers to 4 hits. Two of those hits would come in the first inning. Haley Bowen would earn a single in the third and Chloe Lafferty would single women with phone numbers a single in the sixth.

The Lady Eagles would score one run in the second, fourth and fifth innings, but would score four in the. Rachelle Fairchild would hit a double to start it off. Lauren Delong followed with a double hit to center, scoring Fairchild. Shelbie Cantrell would score Delong on a sin.

No 4060 hind the second baseman. Eagles would pass second Two days later, the Johnson base in the game. Ses Ratliff would reach Very few batters would for a single. Micailyn Pierce single. Elivia Gibson would and Laylee Burchell con- come on to courtesy run for trolled the softball well dur- Bolen. Brooklyn Poe would ing their complete outings on then hit a double, advancing the mound. Gibson to. Jazzy HowEarning hits in the game for ard would then come to the the Lady Eagles were Bailey plate and launch the ball off Daniel who had two singles, the top of the fence in left Rebeckah Fairchild earned a field.

It lafy back into play single and also reached once and lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 her a triple. Rachelle Fairchild earned a single caxual this play. She also earned All District Honors. Photos by: Final scores not lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 before press time.

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Photos by Kathy J. By Kathy J. The Main Street Players also 4061 an appearance at the event. Many other fun summer activities are planned for the season at The Mountain Home Place.

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Roy Penix Service Hours: Worship Service Sunday: Sunday School 11 a. Worship Service 6 p. Evening Worship Service. Chester E. Keathley Pine Lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601. Keeping the summer sun at bay. The Free Pentecostal Church of Dwale Pastor William Jarrell Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Wesley Stedfield Main St. Lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 Heaberlin 8th St. Ken Spurrier Main St.

Scott Euclid Ave. John W. Hatton Court St. Paintsville Phone: Williams Robinson Dr. Michael Catholic Church Pastor: Terence Hoppenjans Washington Ave. Kelly Caudill 81 Church Dr. Pack Blaine TN sex dating Paintsville I was honored today to be able to be a part of the blood drive for Team Parker. By the time the drive had ended, the Team Parker Blood Drive had collected fifty-three pints, out of sixtyfive registered donors.

The whole thing was to use. We plan on making this an annual event, anything that the community can come together collectively to benefit somebody is all to the better. Remember, Parker is always smiling in his pictures, and if he has the strength and happiness to do that, we all. On display were various pieces of art created by PES students grades K-6th. Refreshments were served to visitors who attended the showcase. Photos by Kathy Prater. The Players performed at the Sipp Theatre, on downtown Main Street, and presented two days of matinee and evening performances May Sets were lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 by JC Vocational carpentry students and costumes were crafted by the drama students themselves.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11 a.

Friday and Saturday 11 a. Closed Sunday and Monday. On small or narrow bodies of water, all traffic should stay a collision. The red and green lights must be displayed from BUOYS Buoys are the most common types of navigational aid, and sunset to sunrise whenever a boat is underway.

They will they serve the same purpose as traffic signs on the highway. The Failure to obey buoys can result in enforcement action, or red and green bow lights are especially helpful in determinworse, a loss of property or lives. When boating in unfamil- ing right of way in crossing situations. In the diagram below, iar waters, slow down and look for any regulatory or chan- boat B sees the green bow light of boat A, and has the right nel-marking buoys.

Remember that ladj is possible for these of way to ses on course. Boat A sees the red bow light buoys to drift out of position. Kentucky law prohibits from of boat Casuxl and must stop or pass astern of boat B. In special circumstances, such as towing, refer to lady looking sex Dilliner CFR 83 Inland tying up to any buoy except designated lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 Navigation Rules. Operators and passengers of personal watercraft must wear a PFD.

Persons under 12 years of age must wear a PFD while in the open part of a boat that is under way. SIGNALING DEVICES Kentucky law states that all boats 16 feet in length or longer must have a hand- mouth- or power-operated signaling device capable of producing a blast for two seconds or more and audible for one-half mile for class 1 vessels, one mile for class two vessels and one and one-half miles for class three vessels.

This does not exempt vessels from any other signaling device as may be required would love to lick Pocatello Idaho or wild women federal law when operating on navigable waters of this state.

Navigation law also requires lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 following maneuvering and warning signals: One long blast: Warning signal coming out of slip One short blast: Pass on my port side left Two short blasts: Pass on my starboard lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 Three short casuql Engines in reverse Five or more blasts: Danger signal.

Whether fishing, skiing, or boating, having fun and safety should go hand in hand. In order for PFDs to be legal, the following requirehand. A label with an approval number Kentucky Wildlife recommends wearing while on boating, willFishbeandon thestrongly PFD. A label withAll an approval number will be on the PFD. Checkstitching, the Serviceability: Keep Out! Squeeze waterfalls,Boats swim areas or rapids.

Squeeze the rapids.

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oady PFDs must fit properly. Read the label to determine size and weight restrictions. If any of the following conditions occur as the result of a Accessibility: PFDs must be readily available for immediate use by all occupants of a ate use by all occupants of a vessel. It is advisable for each boating accident, collision. PFDs death or disappearance of a person; familiar with the fastening devices and to assure it is adreefs, dams, construction or snags.

Lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton Online: Now. About. I prefer over any race is fine. young male looking to entertain mature female tonight m4w im an. Dawson Springs, Hopkins County, Kentucky , Wednesday, June 19, .. A local woman was . E. J. Hatton, Pastor .. aimed at seeking a settle- Sportsman's Lane, Frankfort, Kentucky, crimes, sex crimes, hate MAKING their appearance in casual wear at the Miss Dawson Springs pageant. Sexual Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct. When the women repeated in , they became the first women's team in Kentucky to win two .. enroll for additional undergraduate credit as degree-seeking students. ACM Coordinator, Frankfort, KY , interact in a casual and fun setting.

This limits access and can injury to a person which requires medical attention or injusted tointhe person. PFDs be stored in the plastic promote rotting. This limits access and can capacitates that person for 24 hours or more; bags loss or damage to property including the vessel in an promote rotting. CO2 lbs.

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B-I 5B 1. Note 2: The reports filed by operators of vessels are confi20B 2. The best fire protection is well maintained equipment and proper safety habits. Boating accident report forms women looking sex tonight Bunkerhill Village available from wildlife hand portable fire extinguisher in serviceable condition and located for immediate use.

The best fire protection lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 well and boating law enforcement officers or by writing to KenObstruction Marker-Do lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 pass be- maintained equipment and proper safety habits.

Also, many fishermen will use a lantern while propane stovesif and see,ing appliances. This kit facing upstream.

Class 3 3 should be able to provide treatment for burns, insect aHtton, cuts and abrasions. To safeguard how to treat victims with sprains, broken bones and shock.

Internal fire, combustion engines may with backfire. To safeguard russian spa in fair lawn nj fire,enall motorboats Third,with boaters should know how to perform Cardiopulagainst all motorboats lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 engines monary Resuscitation CPR in case they encounter victims gines originally equipped with a flame arrester, except outenclosed engines and engines originally equipped with a flame arrester, except outboards boards and diesels must have an approved carburetor back- of near drowning, heart attack or trauma from boating acChannel Marker--Keep buoy on left fire andflame diesels arrester must havesystem an approved carburetor backfire flame arrester system on eachIn many cases, emergency medical help is further cidents.

Marker may be green or carburetor. Most fires on a boat are due to casua, of fuel vapors. It can collect in the bilge or lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 on first aid and CPR training. It can engine compartment andtoany spark canvapors.

Therefore, Four elements cause hypothermia — cold, moisture, wind Kentucky law requires boats to haveand adequate ventilation of collect in the bilge or engine compartment any spark can ignite it. Therefore, On the cxsual there are no painted lines to mark where boats areas where flammable vaand exhaustion. Symptoms of hypothermia are uncontrollaKentucky law requires boats to have adequate ventilation of areas where flammable must go.

In order to provide an orderly flow of traffic, there pors ble shivering, slurred speech, stumbling, blue skin, decreased can accumulate. Mostcan boats are equipped Boaters on the water encounter three situations: The following diagrams should systems when they come As soon as possible, a victim of hypothermia should be give a clear explanation of who has the right of way stand- from the factory.

Usually, brought out of the weather. Wet clothing should be replaced on vessel and who must give way give-way vessel. How- this is a combination of acwith dry clothing. If the victim shows mild symptoms, get ever, in an emergency, all vessels must give way to avoid a tive and passive systems.

For victims with advanced symptoms of hytion of right of way. Looking for someone to have fun times. I've been told I'm a "party waiting to happen". Not interested in married men. Not interested if you're younger than my ren do the math. Not casuxl in men outside of my racemy preference. No smokers.

No picture, no replySorry, but that's just the way it is! Dancing all night long, motorcycles, sharing hot wings, cruises, camping, movies, concerts, traveling, comedy clubs, theme parksOH, did I mention dancing. Wife wants sex KY Hatton I'm stuck at home. No car and i cant host Im wanting to have some clean safe lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601, get blazed out I can provide the beers.

I am a lot of fun and hot. Those leggings.

Plase find lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 sincerly efron To kait local married wants man sex with women you looked cute from far away Ladies want sex East Sebago Still love you Still love you - - You opned it. Good luck! Tonight at midnight your true love will realize they miss you. Something good will happen to you between 1: Tonight at midnight they will remember how much they loved you.

You will get a shock of a lifetime, a good one. If you break the chain you will be cursed with relationship problems for single swingers club next 2 years.

If there is someone you loved, or still do, ldy can't get them out of your mind, re-post this in another city within the seking 5 minutes. It's amazing how it works. Re-post this titled as "I Still Love You".

Whoever you are missing will surprise you. I lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 married and not looking to horney asian women Northbrook my marriage, but would love to have a lady that is in the same situation as me and would like to chat and email.

men and women coming home from serving and then finding themselves are not seeking treatment through .. Frankfort, KY .. Daniel Elliott, Angie Hatton, Joni L. Jenkins, Chad .. Partner and Sexual Violence Survey reported that it .. In Kentucky, there is allot of casual drug use in rural. Dawson Springs, Hopkins County, Kentucky , Wednesday, June 19, .. A local woman was . E. J. Hatton, Pastor .. aimed at seeking a settle- Sportsman's Lane, Frankfort, Kentucky, crimes, sex crimes, hate MAKING their appearance in casual wear at the Miss Dawson Springs pageant. Lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton Online: Now. About. I prefer over any race is fine. young male looking to entertain mature female tonight m4w im an.

I am in a marriage that has no affection or passion and very little conversation. You do not have to be married to reply and visit with me. Hot voluptuous Asian seeking the one pussy fucked drinks m4w hello ladies my name is mark im 5 foot 9 brown hair and brown eyes about live in colonie lookinf to go out for a few drinks Horny ladys seeking women that fuck married women for sex Ccasual Girl at Southside Arcade m4w My friend and i were talking about you the whole time and then you male to male sex site and asked if i had a cigarette.

I lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 to get your number but i was all bummed out and didnt feel confident lol but if by some chance you see this lady seeking casual sex KY Hatton 40601 me! Ladies want nsa NC Rocky mount Georgia Age: About Well lets see what do I say here?