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I Am Wanting Swinger Couples Is it better to love someone or be in love

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Is it better to love someone or be in love

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While these phrases have been used synonymously to describe a typical love story, they are actually two totally distinct experiences. Being in love is falling for someone fast; loving someone is falling for them over and over.

Love, at first sight, is how they usually call the first and most typical sign of falling in love with someone you barely know.

On the other hand, loving someone is the easy and effortless feeling of admiring a person and appreciating their existence in b life — especially after knowing them better as a person, a friend, and a potential romantic partner. Love vs.

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Being in love is an involuntary response; loving someone is a constant and consistent choice. In relation to the first section, being in love with someone can be involuntary and intense, but if not nurtured, can also be short-lived.

Most of the time, we fall in love with someone who represents our own definition of perfection. Loving someone, on the other hand, requires constant and consistent effort.

Love Vs. In Love: Which Is Better? | BetterHelp

Being in love is fueled by passion; loving someone involves care, respect, and loyalty. Passion fuels that intense feeling of being in love.

However, the faster it burns and bursts, the swifter and sudden its demise. Just like that, that passionately burning relationship can be easily extinguished because its source itt often limited and short-lived. However, loving someone is like keeping a stable and steady flame.

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Being in love can be temporary; loving someone can last a lifetime. Being in love, just like what was mentioned in the previous sections, is both short-lived and inconsistent. True Love vs.

Is it better to love someone or be in love

Fake Someon Being in love starts with the physical; loving someone means going beyond the physical. Loving someone, on the other hand, means getting over that preference that focuses on the physical characteristics of a person.

Loving someone is looking beyond what your eyes see and instead considering what your heart feels.

Being in love makes you feel weak; loving someone makes you feel strong. Being in love with someone makes you feel so conscious about yourself: Loving someone, on the other hand, makes you feel strong and confident regardless of your imperfection.

Being in love can become a selfish act; loving someone teaches you to be selfless. Loving someone, on the soeone hand, teaches you to be selfless not just towards that significant other but also towards other people.

10 Differences between Loving Someone and being in Love with Someone – Inspiring Tips

You become a better person for yourself and for. Being in love can be heartbreaking; loving someone can mend a broken heart. Being passionately and fiercely in love with someone you barely know can eventually lead to a broken heart.

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This is because most relationships with passion and physical attraction at their base can easily be toppled down by the smallest challenges. In contrary, loving someone can help a person put together their broken pieces and can help them heal their own brokenness.

True love is a powerful force that can make all the pain bettter away — without consequences, without regrets.

Being in love involves risks; loving someone makes you feel safe and secure. Being in love can be selfish and temporary — and thus, it involves huge risks like losing other people close to you or even losing your own self in the process of trying to keep that fire of love burning. Loving someone, on the other hand, makes you feel at peace with.

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It will make you feel safe and secure because you know that you can still feel whole even if it ends. Being in love makes you fear change; loving someone makes you want to grow. Loving someone, however, o you want to be a better person, just as how you want them to grow. This what happens on a date because you both know that you are still learning and growing to be the best version of.

Perhaps we can conclude that being in love with someone is just a part of the process to finally learning is it better to love someone or be in love to truly love a person.

However, the only way to transition from the former to the latter is to realize that these are two different things that require different levels of effort, consistency, and understanding. Your email address will not be published.

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By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Here are betteg differences between loving someone and being in love with. Share and inspire. Charm Villalon.

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