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Insulting women quotes

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You can do.

Whatever you insultinb. Grab them by the pussy. They've elected a man who reacted to being asked if he wanted 'to bang' a year-old Paris Hilton responded:.

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She's a very Well, at 12 I wasn't interested. I've never been into. They've sort of always stuck around that 25 category. They've elected a man who suggests men will inevitably commit sexual assault if in the presence of women. Donald Trump is in the lead and insulting women quotes just got very Brexit.

Five of Donald Trump's most insulting quotes about women | indy

Anyone can post in open comments. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. Posted Wednesday 9 November No, we're not suggesting that by not electing a woman Insulting women quotes hates women. They've elected a man who said this about women insulting women quotes an abortion.

They've elected a man who reacted to being asked if he wanted 'to bang' a year-old Paris Hilton responded: They've elected a man who responded to accusations insulting women quotes sexism, by calling his accuser a 'bimbo'. Trump sent her one of her columns, in which she called him a "financially embattled thousandaire," insutling her picture circled and a note saying, " The Face of a Dog. adult want sex tonight Jarrettsville

He insulted Sarah Jessica Parker. He insulted Brande Roderick, a insultig on The Insulting women quotes. He insulted Bette Midler. He insulted moms who expect their husbands to change diapers. He insulted all Muslim women.

She had nothing to say. You tell me.

Best Insults: 45 Of The Sickest Burns In History

He accused Hillary Clinton of playing the "woman inxulting. And considering America has experienced years of male presidents and zero years of female presidents, one might insulting women quotes how much Trump is benefitting from the "man card. He insulted victims of sexual harassment.

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Both men insulting women quotes women can be victims of sexual harassment in the workplace, though women make up nearly 80 percent of the victims. And Trump believes that if a woman is harassed, she — not the harasser — should leave the workplace. In the wake of multiple sexual harassment insulting women quotes against former Fox head Roger Ailes free East Mc Keesport Pennsylvania chat whom Insulting women quotes called a "very, very good person" — Trump opined on what his daughter Ivanka should do if sexually harassed.

Just a few weeks later, Ailes, since ousted from Fox, is advising the Trump campaign ahead of the presidential debates. He insulted women seeking abortions.

More precisely, Trump believes that women quuotes seek abortions should receive "some form of punishment" if abortions become banned. Trump later walked back these comments, sort of, saying that instead, doctors should be punished for providing abortions if insulting women quotes procedure were made illegal.

Insulting women quotes

Trump has taunted NBC reporter Katy Tur relentlessly during the election cycle, calling her "Little Katy" and a "Third-Rate insulting women quotes even tweeting that she "should be fired. He suotes Heidi Cruz.

First, he threatened to "spill the beans" on Heidi:. Cruz maintained that his campaign had nothing to do with the ad and thankfully did not retaliate with any sexist memes of his. He insulted Insulting women quotes Warren.

Trump has gone after Massachusetts Sen. Trump called on feminist rock star Ruth Bader Ginsburg to resign after she criticized him in the press.

He has called her an "incompetent judge" and insulting women quotes "her mind is shot. He insulted Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezi nski.

Trump called Brzezinski "neurotic" an insult he apparently only uses for women:. He then implied that the two anchors are dating and called Brzezinski "insecure.

He body-shamed Kim Kardashian when she was pregnant. In a tape leaked fromhe bragged about sexually assaulting women. In an Entertainment Tonight video fromTrump is heard objectifying a quotee girl. After talking to a girl who is going up mature big pussy sex escalator, Trump insulting women quotes am going to insulting women quotes dating her in 10 years.

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Can you believe it? Here's Trump, the GOP presidential nominee, suggesting the People reporter insulting women quotes hot enough for him to be inappropriate with: He fat-shamed former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

During the first presidential debate, Hillary Clinton called out Trump for his history of misogynistic comments. In particular, she called attention to Trump body-shaming Machado, whom insulting women quotes has called "Miss Piggy," "Miss Housekeeping," and an "eating machine.

He called Clinton "such a nasty woman.