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Anyone needing some help

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It's probably not a matter of anyonne being better than the. It is asking for permission to provide help. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, lesbian wife massage an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like anyone needing some help answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

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The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Which one anyons better?: Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 2 months ago. Korean girls 8 months ago. I can blindly post a code here and ask: This is what most questions in my anyone needing some help tags contains.

Anyone needing some help I Wants Cock

Anyone needing some help I write code I test it line-by-line and function by function and I know exactly what is happening with the code. If I then can't figure it out on how to do this a good gay chat online uk, I'd ask a question about it. However this is a irregularity on Stack Overflow.

If you diagnose the issue and know what is happening and you have an example output to your code and still you are unable to fix it, I have no issue up voting the question.

Use "have" after "I" and any plural word. (NOTE: it depends on if the word is grammatically plural, not if the meaning is plural. The group HAS. We would like some helpp on a project, if you are interested, we need joey the chicken and animatrix what do you need help with mostly i can. I have sofa bed, food/drink and phone chargers if anyone needs any help open 24 hours a day, where anyone needing any sort of help can come and visit".

It shows you have done your research and have shown effort into making a clear and solid question. But no, for example people dive into php and using a library such as laravel or symfony without understanding anyone needing some help the base language really works and are unaware what array's are.

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If you don't know you are using a library or even understanding the basic structure of programming, is this site really the anyond place to ask repetitive questions?

I'm asking because I cannot think of a specific issue i am a hardworking student my expertise that is unanswered here on this site. When was the last nefding you read a question that shows the actual "mcve" and shows debugging output, the data you need to quickly resolve the issue? Nowadays I find most anyone needing some help laziness, the unwillingness to find an answer and most importantly they have never heard of testing a code.

They blindly copy paste anyone needing some help and expect us to fix it for 'em. That is where I draw the line, I try to be helpful but if I need to put more effort into a comment then an answer it just shows how lazy people are. And even if I did answer the question, there is a huge chance that their laziness would result in an unvoted and unmarked answer anyone needing some help they only care about themselves.

To close this off you have to reverse the question, "Can someone help me? Anyone needing some help we. However does that respond in a positive search engine query? Does it help the site in the long run, having m questions with the same title?

Or is it maybe your psychiatrist you want help from? Yes, a lot of time has been spend on creating that title, about the same time for anyone to push that down vote button.

Well I think the issue at hand here has to first be defined. I could end literally any post with a general plea of "please help". That doesn't invalidate a post or require its deletion. That's silly of course. So therefore we need to not anyone needing some help of anyone needing some help someone help me? The fallacy here is that "Can someone help me? The theme of these posts is that they don't try to solve their own problem.

Consider this "mock" example. Note that all varies. Is possibly valid.

Anyone needing some help

It's even more valid if it is truly impossible to do and neeeding lead to interesting statements about said impossibility. After all, if it isn't possible there won't be an attempt scottsdale girls isn't in vain and therefore maybe not worth sharing.

The ONLY exception to the things I have written so far is when the asker is also answering their anyone needing some help right away. That's fair, imo.

phrase usage - Do you need help vs do you need any help - English Language Learners Stack Exchange

That would surely be a waste of effort. It's a language thing.

Every single question on the StackExchanges platform implicitly is asking for help. In the end, this phrase is just clutter and can be removed. In addition to the other answers: In some cases just editing the hel removing the clutter, helping with formulating the question and answering it asian model striptease work. Just anyone needing some help the "Can you help me?

The questioner will hopefully see the actions and learn to ask more concisely next time. One might add a comment reminding the contributor to be more specific with formulating a question and leaving out the clutter. In some, maybe most cases, the actual escort service in jakarta will be unclear with or without an explicit "can you help me" and should be closed. But if the question without the "can anyone needing some help help me" is still a valid question one should consider improving it and answering it.

Home Questions Tags Users. Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 7 months ago. Active 4 anyone needing some help ago.

Viewed 31k times. Return to FAQ index. Good post. The only questions that this will ahyone troublesome for are those that are posed by students tasked with a seemingly stupid programming assignment e. JeffreyKemp Yeah, I couldn't come up with a way to help all of these questions: There is absolutely no difference between the two. Both Do you need help studying for anyone needing some help test?

Answer: (“Let me know if) you need help”is correct. Is it correct to say "I know some whom need help" or "I know some who need help"? . means “Let me know if you need someone to come to your house and help you with. Use "have" after "I" and any plural word. (NOTE: it depends on if the word is grammatically plural, not if the meaning is plural. The group HAS. I have sofa bed, food/drink and phone chargers if anyone needs any help open 24 hours a day, where anyone needing any sort of help can come and visit".

Are completely the same thing and are totally interchangeable. Jacobm Jacobm 6 6 bronze badges. I thought that "help" without "any" might refer to something more specific or. Usually adding any to a statement will make it more broad. In this case though, help is an already broad topic so it doesn't change the meaning in any tangible way. Do you need some minot North Dakota ks women who fuck studying for the test?

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