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Wanna Traveling to East? Here are Some Destinations for You

Everybody in this world needs a break from work since it can trigger stress and even worse if the work dominated the most time of the entire life. Taking a break from work is indeed very important. It will make your body healthier, it makes your mind fresh, and the most important thing is that you will go for work the next day with the boosted spirit that will make your work more effective.

Beautiful Destinations in The East

Well, if you are in the west, like in Europe and some countries there, and you want to go to the east, then you are in the right place. You will find some interesting destinations to travel to. Asian archipelago has many interesting spots to visit, and it has unique cultures that will please your mind while traveling. Care to read more about some beautiful destinations to the east? Well, let’s find out.


If you are looking for paradise on earth, then you have to go to this beautiful place. The Maldives. Yes., it is a gorgeous looking beach with the blue water and amazing coral that is managed to become the paradise on earth. If you visit the Maldives just for a day, then you will not feel how it feels to sleep on the water. There are many beautiful bungalows on the water that is specially made for you. Are accepting the challenge to go there?


If you want to see how developed a city with a mixed beautiful building of western and eastern culture, so Hongkong is the right place for you. Besides its crowded and busy activities inside, you will find a mixed culture that builds beautifully. The mixture of both culture caused by British that set a colony a long time ago and now become one with the Hong Kong culture itself.


Another paradise on earth beside the Maldives is this place, Phuket. A beach that located in Thailand with beautiful blue water and the scene of the traditional boat that makes this beach even more gorgeous especially while sunset! You can also see the scenery of limestone rock formation that set with an amazing design! If you go to Phuket, make sure you do beaching and tours with a boat that is provided there. You can also visit some religious spots that will fresh your mind and add your knowledge at once!


Well, besides Hong Kong, the city that has a mixed scenery of cultures, Tokyo is also a worthed place to visit. It is actually a busy city with million residents in there. The largest and busiest city in the world might be in Tokyo. Even visitors from another big city is having difficulties in keeping up with the activity right there, especially having difficulties in adjusting the eye because of it crowded light and people. You will see many street merchants that is worth to try.


Bali is another paradise that set up a location in Indonesia. Bali itself is a paradise island with the additional religious sense of Hinduism. When you go there, you will find many beautiful beaches that are so worth to visit. If you are interested in history, you will find many temples to visit, but you have to obey the rule of Hinduism religion about how to dress and behave while visiting the temple.


Singapore is a small country with a developed city arrangement. You can find a very high tower with modern scenery in Singapore very easily. The most interesting thing about Singapore is that you will find the streets is so clean and arranged well!

Yup, that is all about the destinations in the east that you have to visit at least once in your life. You don’t want to spend your entire life for work right?

Some Travel Tips You Should Know Before Travelling

The hectic activities of work sometimes lead to stress and for the worst case, illness. Consequently, people need to do some fresh activities aside from work in order to fresh the mind. This activity called a vacation, or you might call it a break from work. Besides being a break from work, a vacation might also boost the spirit of the worker to do the work effectively on the next day. Hence, vacation is indeed necessary.

Well, if you are a worker and you love traveling as a vacation or as a break from your work, you are in the right place. If you are new for traveling, here will be discussed several tips on vacation traveling that will help you enjoy your traveling more.

Some Preparation Before Travelling

There are several preparations before your travel. This is indeed should be considered in order to prevent unwanted things to happen like money deficiency while traveling, or even worst, you are too tired to continue traveling. There are 3 points to consider.

  1. Budget

It is important to think about the budget you want to spend while traveling. You don’t want to run out of money after traveling, and you do not have any supplies for the rest of the month right? So plan the budget accordingly then after considering the destination where you want to go traveling. So You need to know how Get Cheap Tickets without Promos.

  1. Destination

Well yeah, the destination is the most important thing to consider when it comes to traveling. IF you want to travel further away, you need to prepare more money and you need to prepare much energy and stamina. So, based on the budget you have spared, decide what destination you should visit. Just choose the destination that you think is affordable, reachable, and please your mind for a while. You can choose the beach for a calming sense of mind, or you can go climb the mountain with friends if you want to go travel and do sport at the same time.

  1. Duration

Yes indeed, the duration is one thing that you should consider. If you have 2 days off, you don’t have to force yourself to travel abroad. Besides its expensive expense, going abroad will take much of your energy and you don’t want to go to work the next day with a tired body. Therefore, after sparing your budget and destination, you should consider how long you will be traveling and consider the time to take a rest after it for a while before you go for work the next day.

Well, those are some preparation or plans that you need to think about before you go traveling. Do not forget to prepare some equipment to accompany you while traveling. Some points that you have to remember is your wallet, phone and its charger, and clothes.

That is all some tips and plans before going traveling with your friends or you yourself alone. This travel vacation is indeed necessary to fresh your mind from the thought of work in a week. So, make sure you spare your time once a month for vacation in order to do work effectively. Well, Have fun!

Get Cheap Tickets without Promos

In 2013, all low-budget airlines competed to provide cheap airline ticket prices. I once got a return ticket for Rp 110,000 for the Jakarta-Medan route with Citilink and Rp. 350,000 for the Jakarta-Bali route with Air Asia. But that was before Now, since the Minister of Transportation Ignasius Jonan issued a regulation regarding the lowest bidding price for airline tickets from airlines for passengers, getting the price of Rp 700,000 for the Jakarta-Bali route is quite impossible, even during the promo. Not to mention, airlines do not hold promos as often as before.

5 Strategies for Getting Cheap Tickets

  • Pay attention to where you are going

Your goal is to determine the best time to buy a ticket to get the cheapest price. If your preferred route is the route that many airlines (especially low budget airlines) serve, such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Yogyakarta, and Surabaya, then you should be smart to read prices, because the price tends to fluctuate. So, if you find one price that you think is the cheapest price you can get, then I suggest that you buy the ticket right away.

  • Pay attention to the airline you choose

After selecting the route, also pay attention to the airlines that serve the route. The trend is that the Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) price is cheaper if ordered from far away and increases dramatically if ordered only a few weeks or days before departure. While full-service airlines tend to apply year-round fare on the price of airline tickets so that it is more or less the same throughout the year. In fact, sometimes the price of full-service airline tickets can be cheaper than LCC if we buy them closer to the day of departure.

  • Pay attention to the travel period, also the day you go and go home

Weekends, long weekends and holiday seasons are always expensive. Try to vacation in the low-season period such as; September-November and February-April. In addition to the holiday period, the day of departure and return determines the price of your ticket. The combination of Friday-Sunday, Friday-Monday, Saturday-Sunday, or Saturday-Monday is the most expensive combination. If you want to find cheap prices and want to outsmart your office leave, I recommend trying a combination Tuesday-Thursday, Wednesday-Friday, Saturday-Tuesday, and Sunday-Wednesday.

  • Pay attention to your departure date

After selecting the day, also pay attention to your departure date. Because of the results of my observations over the last 3 years, the price of airplane tickets on the 20’s tends to be cheaper than the beginning or mid-month. This could be because the airline considers that the 20th is an old date and the condition of the wallet is thin so that people are less likely to travel. As a result, the airline also provides low prices in this period so that their seats are filled.

  • Learn about airline promo trends

Follow airline newsletters, like and follow airline social media accounts, and learn about trends. Learn when the airlines issued promos and types of promos. From this learning, you will know, when you find a ticket that looks cheap, you can weigh whether this is the right time to buy a ticket, or the promo period will arrive soon?

Here are the ways that you can use when you want to buy cheap airline tickets. Pay attention to every detail described above. If you can follow the steps well, you will surely easily get cheap airplane tickets as you wish. From the results of observations and learning that you do, you will know the lowest limit of the prices that the airline can offer. So when you find a cheap price, you can know if you really get the cheapest price, or you can get a cheaper price. The trick is to diligently look at prices, both during the promo period, or not.

The Advantages of Instax Camera

In recent years, cameras that can print photos directly on special paper with various sizes are increasingly popular. On the market, this camera is called ‘Instax camera’. The printout of the photo can be directly displayed for personal collection. A well-known camera manufacturer in Japan, Fujifilm is one that pioneered this type of camera.

Besides being able to print photos directly, this type of camera is also available in various unique designs and gives a retro impression. The Need of Photographer for Your Holiday’s Trip so you can keep every moment.For those of you who are interested and want to buy it, in this article we will discuss how to choose an Instax camera that suits your wishes, and recommend various series of cameras.

Advantages of Instax cameras compared to digital cameras or DSLRs

Today more people have digital cameras or DSLRs than those using Instax cameras. Maybe only a small number of people use digital cameras or DSLRs as well as Instax cameras and separate their use as needed. So, what are the advantages offered by this Instax camera? The main advantage of being one of the attractions of Instax cameras is that this camera can print directly photos that you have just taken.

For some people who prefer to collect their holiday photos privately without the need to load them on social media, or for those of you who want to give a memento photo on a particular event, it will certainly be very suitable to use this camera. The second thing that attracts Instax cameras is the design. This camera has a variety of design options, ranging from retro-style, cute with cheerful colors, or who collaborate with popular characters.

Some are given an elegant touch of dark color. This unique and stylish appearance is one reason why Instax cameras are increasingly popular. The choice of films that you can buy for Instax cameras is very diverse, ranging from the size to the frame motif. You can choose according to taste, ranging from the most standard plain white films, films with your favorite animated character frames, or colorful motifs. There are even films that can produce black and white photos to give the impression of an old-fashioned photo.

With a wide selection of films available, of course, you can enjoy more when taking photos and printing them. The size of this Instax camera ranges from 200 to 600 grams. With such a size, it will be very easy to carry, even for small children. Although there are also Instax cameras that have diverse features, in general, the installation of Instax cameras is also relatively easy. You simply press the shutter button on the camera body, and then your photo will be printed immediately.

That’s all some explanation about Instax camera that you can make reference when you want to buy a camera. But actually every camera has its advantages; just adjust the use of the camera to your own needs. Look for the camera that is most comfortable in your opinion, besides being comfortable to use; the camera must also be comfortable when taken away traveling to any place.

The Need of Photographer for Your Holiday’s Trip

Have you ever disappointed by the photos obtained after the holiday ended? Yes, whether it is because photos are blurry, out of focus, cut off, and even do not show the interesting side of the tourist spots visited. It feels bad right? At that time you might think, if only you had a photographer for yourself. Hey, why not?

How the Photographer’s work?

Especially, the name of holiday photographer is now everywhere. So, has a photo that, when quoting the term child, is instagramable, it might be. This method can also be done to eliminate the possibility of being forced to ‘eliminate’ one family member because they have to act as a photographer; especially if at the same time we also forget to bring a tripod.

By hiring the services of a professional photographer, tourist can capture their holiday moments without being constrained. Once again, the important thing is not only to carve a moment in a paper that will be remembered for a long time, but also to fulfill the curiosity of people who are now starting to be careful in observing photos of family members, relatives or friends through social media, especially Facebook and Instagram.

Well, this condition used as a business opportunity by some people by offering holiday photography services. Yes, this service offers customers to be photographed while on vacation, with guaranteed results that are practically awesome. One of the holiday photography service providers is Sweet Escape based in Jakarta. According to the company that officially accepted the client since February 2016, this kind of photography service generally targets the upper middle class, with rates starting at USD 300 or around IDR 4 million per photo session, each session lasts for 2 hours.

This price also does not fix, because it can just adjust the location of the photo. As an illustration, in some places, the price per session can reach Rp. 6 million. Sweet Escape also does not just meet requests in one place, but demand globally. There are at least 400 local photographers in Sweet Escape located in 265 cities in the world. What consumers need to do is only choose the destination city, before finally setting the time for the photo session.

Besides SweetEscape, some holiday photography service providers can also be used as alternatives. Like Flytographer and Shoot My Travel that has been empowered by many generations of Instagram for nowadays. Both companies connect travelers with local photographers, who will show them interesting places in the city while “secretly” taking holiday pictures.

Similar to Sweet Escape which has had many photographers spread all over the world, Flytographer which was launched since 2013 has also been serving requests in many countries, with hundreds of local photographers in 200 cities in the world. That is all about holiday photography services that you can try to enjoy while on vacation with your friends or family. No longer need to be bothered or dizzy just because of the problem with photos that are not suitable during the holidays.

Just imagine you have struggled to go on vacation, but did not get the moment that you want, and then there is not a single moment that you can share on Instagram or your other social media. Well, interested in hiring one? If you want to try using this service you can download the application that is on Play store for Android, or you can also contact the website directly. Do not hesitate to ask about performance, facilities, and regulations as long as you use the services of this photographer. So, you will feel comfortable while you are on vacation, without having to feel afraid of the excess costs that must be borne after returning from vacation later.